Why We Do It

I was two days into one of the biggest adventures of my life looking for Tarpon in the wilderness of Everglades National Park. My buddy George from Idaho was poling the boat when we see a handful of adult Tarpon laid up on a mangrove bank in just feet of water. I start sending shots in from 50+ feet with a 12 weight rod when I overshoot my target and hook the mangrove roots with my fly. I quote George ”Dude…bad shot, we are so screwed now” as we approach the fly knowing we are going to now spook these very large tarpon. As we approach the bank to unhook my fly, we both notice the biggest tarpon of the group only about 15’ from the boat. Seconds turn to minutes as I grab another rod and make a 15’ cast. I land the fly in front of the big girl and patiently let it sink. With one strip I see a mouth open so large it appears to be an open paint can stuck on the front of a large silver body! My fly disappears and the line comes tight! Pure chaos and adrenaline kick in as I clear my line, all the while, the 12 weight is at my feet with the line and fly still hooked to the mangroves. In a sudden explosion that I will never forget for the rest of my life, a 7 foot long fish 150+ pounds launches out of the water raising hell on the other end of my fly rod…This is why we want to take you to this amazing place and share with you this amazing experience! Come join us for a cocktail and an adventure like you have never experienced…

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