Our Mission

We are driven by passion.  This passion is what drives us beyond the norm, in search of incredible adventures that demand our hard work and tears.  We want to share this passion for living and adventure with you.  Whether we are chasing dinosaurs in remote areas of South Florida, casting to Bull Reds in the Chandeleur Islands, or soaking in a break taking sunset aboard the mothership.  It is our job to take you farther into life outside of the box and inspire memories that will last a lifetime!


Who We Are

At our core, we are guides. We’ve spent years on water finding and catching fish; taking people to places of unsurpassed beauty, and creating experiences that won’t be forgotten. We’ve chosen to live the unconventional life, to go places others won’t go, and draw the most from each day. There are plenty of fishing charters out there, but none more passionate. We guarantee to take you farther.


Our Staff

Capt. Cam Hopkins – Founder and Head Guide 

Cam Close Up

Cam is from Thomaston, Georgia, and has spent his entire life in the woods and on the water. Hunting, fishing, camping, canoeing, boating and water skiing have taken him all over the U.S., Canada, and even to Argentina. He and his two brothers were effectively raised outdoors and this lifestyle certainly spawned his passion for fishing.  Upon graduating from the University of Georgia, he immediately headed to Jackson Hole to pursue this dream of being a fly fishing guide.  After settling into his career as a guide, Cam began heading back South where he expanded his love of fly fishing to the inshore waters of the Atlantic and Gulf of Mexico.  His passion led him to Everglades National Park in search of Tarpon.  To no surprise, it changed the game and years later lead to Farther Expeditions.  “I was always warned about Tarpon, how it only takes one to change your life.  Looking back, it did, and now the rest is history”.

Capt. Travis Huckabee – Professional Guide


Travis was born and raised in the Panhandle of Florida, home of the Forgotten Coast.  He grew up fishing some of the best waters in the world for Tarpon and Redfish.  Travis has been guiding for 17 years and specializes in fly and light tackle fishing for Tarpon and Red fish amongst other species.  He has fished all over the Gulf Coast from South Florida to the Biloxi Marsh of Louisiana.  In his early years of guiding, Travis also worked as a Commissioned Officer for the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation.  He was elected Coastal Conservation Association Officer of the Year twice during his 11 year career as a wildlife officer.  “When I wasn’t guiding I may have kept my eyes on the tides and fish while on patrol”.  Travis as many years of experience as Tarpon Guide and remains devoted to conservation.  We are privileged to have him as a member of our team.

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